Coordinator Descriptions

PEACH Coordinator Positions and their duties:

Bowling Coordinator (2017/2018: Christy Wood & Donna Moore)

1.      Set up dates/time for bowling ensuring that there is no conflict with other PEACH activities.

2.      Announce the dates/time and the RSVP date in the newsletter giving adequate response time.  Include any bowling alley rules and cost.

3.      Call bowling alley a few days before the scheduled date to let them know how many are coming.

UPDATED April 2017


Facebook Coordinator (2017/2018: Samantha Showalter)

There are three facebook groups for PEACH. The one to be maintained by this coordinator is called “PEACH Home School.” (The other two are “PEACH Teen Activity” and “PEACH Field trips.”) At least one member of the PEACH board will also have an administrative role in the PEACH facebook groups.

1.      After receiving the new PEACH directory, any non-returning PEACH members need to be removed from the PEACH Facebook page. Before removing any old members, post one or two friendly reminders that memberships need to be renewed in order to stay on the Facebook group. Post a link to the printable membership form. It may be best to wait until first of October before removing anyone from the group.

2.      Add new PEACH members to the group as needed.

3.      Upon receipt of the PEACH newsletter, post field trips, activities, and upcoming PEACH events on the group Facebook page.

4.      Ensure that non-PEACH events or advertisements are not posted on the PEACH facebook page.

5.      Approve any posts that are made by the Facebook group members, as long as the postings are related to PEACH announcements and activities.

6.      Be very cautious about posting any pictures of people and their children. Keep in mind that some people are opposed to any postings of photos of their family on social media.

7.      Post cancellations and last-minute reminders, as needed.

UPDATED April 2017

Field Trip Coordinator (2017/2018: not filled- Help Needed!)

1.       Receive a list of field trip volunteers from the secretary.

2.      Work with the volunteers to try to get two field trips planned per month. It may be best to assign the volunteers a month for their field trip.

3.      Refer each field trip leader to these documents on the PEACH website. Here they will find detailed instructions as well as many ideas for field trips.
-Planning a Well Organized Field Trip
-Planning a Field Trip

4.      Help volunteer leaders choose the best day for their field trip by advising them to avoid other PEACH events.

5. Ask each leader to give you the information for their field trip so that you may put it in the standard newsletter format (found in previous newsletters), and send to the newsletter editor by the third Thursday of the month prior. The email address is (Field trips may be announced as far in advance as you like.)

6. Get feedback from the field trip leader after the field trip. Notify PEACH board of any incidents that caused a problem, and how many turned out for the field trip.

7. Post announcements of field trips on the PEACH Fieldtrips Facebook page.


Text Group Coordinator (2017/2018: Steve Hall)

1.      Get the names/phone numbers from the PEACH secretary of those who requested, on the membership form, to be included in the text notification group. Memberships come in throughout the school year, so the group will need to be regularly updated.

2.      Set up a “text to group” utility with these phone numbers.

3.      Send out last-minute type of reminders, such as cancellations, RSVP reminders, event reminders. General announcements do not need to be texted out. Members should be reading their newsletter and can join the Facebook group to see announcements.

4.      Be prompt about sending these last-minute reminders, as they will be of a time-sensitive nature.

5.      Reminders should include this wording: “check your newsletter for details.” The text group coordinator does not have to answer questions. If the text to group utility can be set up with a Do Not Reply option, that would be best. Sample: “PEACH ANNOUNCEMENT: Tomorrow is the deadline to RSVP for the May 7th Firehouse Field Trip! Check your newsletter for details.”

6.      Once a month, very quickly after the newsletter has been emailed, send something like this announcement: “The new PEACH newsletter should be in your inbox! Check your email for all the opportunities coming up for our local homeschool community.”

UPDATED April 2017


PEACH Library Coordinator (2017/2018: Laura Shiley)

1.      Retain books, audio recordings, and videos pertaining to homeschooling for use by PEACH members.

2.      Handles inquiries from members about borrowing an item and explains the process.

3.      Keeps track of borrowed items and ensures item’s timely return.

4.      Maintains the library inventory list and gives updates to the PEACH webmaster.

5.      Gives the newsletter editor an announcement informing/reminding members about the library

6.      When possible, brings some PEACH library items to the support group meetings to make available to the membership. Advertises this availability in the preceding newsletter.

UPDATED April 2017


Mom’s Night Out Coordinator (2017/2018: Chassie Kinsinger)

1.      Select a restaurant for each month and vary the location around the area. Try to rotate between dinner, dessert, ice cream or coffee out instead of always a dinner.

2.      Advertise in the newsletter, giving adequate time for moms to plan. It seems to work best if three months at a time are advertised.

3.      Ask for RSVP’s when needed.

4.      Arrive 10-15 minutes early to ensure that tables are ready.

5.       Starting time of 6:30 seems to work best, evaluate periodically.

UPDATED April 2017


Recess/Play Date Coordinator (2017/2018: Connie Hall)

1.      Schedule outdoor playtimes at local parks during the warmer months of the year. It may be helpful to alternate between Staunton Parks (Gypsy Hill and Montgomery Hall) and Waynesboro (Ridgeview Park). Pick a time that is convenient to you, but that does not conflict with other PEACH events.

2.      Submit the information for the play dates to the Newsletter Editor by noon on the third Thursday of the month. Make sure to include a RSVP so that you will know who to contact if cancellation is necessary.

3.      In the winter months, local churches may allow the use of their facility. Pump It Up, Eli’s Fun Center, Funky’s Skating Rink in Harrisonburg or Bounce-N-Play in Charlottesville are a few cold weather options.

4.      You may choose not to meet during the winter months.

UPDATED April 2017


Spelling Bee Coordinator (2017/2018: not filled- Help Needed!)

There are two options for the Spelling Bee.

1.) Scripps National Spelling Bee. PEACH has participated in this in many years past. The PEACH board has extensive information on this option that can be passed on to anyone interested in going this route as the PEACH spelling bee coordinator.

2.) A “Dr. Aardsma’s Drills” Spelling Bee. This has been done once (in March of 2016) for PEACH. This option requires each participant to be registered with Dr. Aardsma’s Drills for a spelling drill. The PEACH board can provide more information to anyone interested in coordinating this type of spelling bee.



Teen Coordinator (2017/2018: Wendy Snider)

The purpose of planned PEACH teen activities is to provide an environment where homeschooled teens can develop friendships with other homeschooled teens within the support group. Adequate parental supervision will be at all teen activities and the activities will be adult directed.

Duties of coordinator(s):

1.      Select an activity and secure the location.

2.      Encourage parents of the teens to be involved.

3.      Ensure that chaperones are actively engaged and aware of teen behavior and activities at all times.

4.      The Chaperone to Teen ratio must be 1 adult per 8 teens, with a minimum of two adults on premises at all times.

5.      Enforce the code of conduct as established by the PEACH Board

6.      At each teen event, collect the fee from each participant. The fee is set by the PEACH board.

7.      Keep the PEACH Board informed of any problems or potential problems which occur at the activity

8.      Submit notice of all teen activities to the newsletter editor for the newsletter by the deadline of the 3rd Thursday of the month. Keep in mind the date for activity and when the newsletter will be delivered to allow for adequate notice.

9.      Facilitate an atmosphere where teen friendships can occur. The activities are not a place for dating and displays of affection are not acceptable behavior. The Code of Conduct has specific information concerning this.

10.      Maintain the PEACH Teen Facebook Page.

11.      Teen events are open to PEACH members ages 13-19 only, and their overnight guests ages 13-19.

12.      Host families receive two free teen admission fees for the night that they host. Additional host family children will need to pay.

13.      Provide a list of income and expenses for each teen event to the PEACH treasurer, as well as the cash-on-hand balance.

UPDATED April 2017


Used Curriculum Sale Coordinator (2017/2018: Kimberly Berry)

The purpose of the used curriculum sale is to provide a venue for PEACH families to acquire used schooling materials. Materials related to learning such as textbooks, resource books, videos, educational games, magazines, readers, etc. are accepted at the sale. Specific questions can be addressed to the Used Curriculum Sale Coordinator.

Duties of the Used Curriculum Sale Coordinator:

1.      Reserve a facility that is adequate. Fishersville United Methodist Church has been used in the past and needs to be reserved ahead of time (in January if possible.)

• The Friday before the HEAV convention has been the best date.

• Complete the necessary paperwork.

• The hours to be reserved are 12-5pm.

2.      One month before the date of the sale, verify the reservation with the church secretary. Check to see if the building will be unlocked or does a key need to be issued by the church.

3.      The advertisement for the used curriculum sale goes in the PEACH newsletter for the April, May and June issues. Deadline for newsletter submissions is noon on the third Thursday of the month. A standard announcement can be used by changing the date from year to year. Other homeschool message boards and activities can be used for announcing the sale date.

4.      Only PEACH members are allowed to sell, but anyone can purchase at the sale.

5.      PEACH members call or email the coordinator to reserve a half or full table. No more than one full table per seller.

6.      On the day of the sale, the coordinator and others assist in setting up the tables. At FUMC, a large rectangle is set up about 4-5 feet from the wall to allow for the seller to be behind the table. An inner rectangle is set up leaving a wide aisle between the two rectangles to accommodate strollers and those looking at the materials. This seems to be the best arrangement for this facility.

7.      One table, near to the entrance, is reserved for the PEACH Board to set up membership forms and other items of interest. The PEACH table top banner could be set up on this table.

8.      Sellers can arrive between 1-2 pm to set up their tables.

9.      The doors to the sale are open from 2-4 with clean-up beginning at 4 pm.

10.      Sellers are reminded to bring a “bank” with $1’s, $5’s, and coins for giving change. The decision to accept checks is left with the seller.

11.      Fees are not charged for selling.

12.      At the end of the sale, sellers are responsible for removing any items not sold and assisting in taking their tables down.

UPDATED April 2017


Variety Show Coordinator (2017/2018: not filled- Help Needed!)

The purpose of the PEACH Variety Show is to provide an environment where students can showcase their talents.

Duties of the Coordinator:

1. The Coordinator for the PEACH Variety Show must be an adult. Teens may assist and will be listed after the adult coordinator names.

2. Follow the “Variety Show Guidelines.”

3. Select a date and time for the variety show; preferably in the winter months.

4. Select a location for the show. Make sure to check about building use fees and any other fees such as a fee for the sound/lighting technician. Relay fee amounts to the PEACH board for approval of fees. Once approved, present receipts to PEACH treasurer for reimbursement.

5. Place an ad in the newsletter to ensure adequate time for students/families to prepare.

a. Include a sign-up deadline. Registration requires a description of what the performance consists of and names of everyone who will be performing.

b. A performance guideline will be placed in the newsletter (length of performance, dress code, etc.)

6. The total time for the variety show will be kept within a reasonable amount of time, 90 minutes maximum.

7. Select someone to be the MC to introduce the performers and to keep the program flowing in a timely manner.

8. A program should be printed to include the names of the performers and the piece they are performing. Relay cost of programs to PEACH board for approval. Once approved, present receipt to PEACH treasurer for reimbursement.

9. A fellowship time with light refreshments may be planned at the coordinator’s discretion.

10. Coordinate set-up and practice time/dress rehearsal with the facility. A PEACH parent must be on premises during the set-up and practice time(s). Variety Show Coordinator must be on site during the performance.

11. Ensure that the facility is cleaned up, trash is taken out and the building is secured before leaving.

12. Send a thank you note to the facility after the show.



Valentine’s Day Party Coordinator (2017/2018: not filled- Help Needed!)

1.      Secure location for party.

2.      Organize crafts, games, and activities for party.

3.      Schedule snacks through parent contact.

4.      Put an ad in the newsletter announcing party and RSVP information. The newsletter deadline is noon on the third Thursday of the month.

5.      Make sure facility is cleaned and put back to its original state after party.

UPDATED April 2017


Webmaster (2017/2018: Tracy Smith)

1.      Update the PEACH website ( as needed.

2.      Check the Webmaster email box regularly.

3.      Help maintain the other PEACH email addresses and mailboxes as needed.

4.      Take care of renewing the Domain name and web hosting accounts as needed.

5.      Update the .pdf files of the PEACH membership form, PEACH Library materials, bylaws (if any changes) on the site as needed.

6.      No information which would have members’ phone numbers, addresses, etc. should be posted without their permission. Do not put the PEACH newsletter on the site.

UPDATED April 2017