Bit from the Board – March 2022

Hello PEACH Families!
Welcome to spring-hopefully! The daffodils are coming up and the skunks are out: whether we get another cold snap or not, there are signs that changes are coming. It says in Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 For everything there is a season…I’ll let you read or sing the rest. We have a lot of change going on in the world right now. Some seems good and some really bad. And as expected, Change in our homes. Each season of life requires change.

Change is a constant. That seems an illogical comment at first glance. But, if change is not a constant in your lie, then you are stagnating or going backwards. John Maxwell said “change is inevitable, growth is optional. Change and growth can be hard. A lot depends on your perspective and outlook. The good news is God does not change, He is the same today as He was yesterday and will be tomorrow. So when change comes, make your outlook an uplook!

PEACH has change coming too. It is time to start preparing for next year’s board. The PEACH board is going to need a new president vice president, secretary, and newsletter editor. Jen Perdew is willing to stay on as Treasurer. Donna and Art Salatin have fulfilled their three-year term as secretary. Peach policy says they must step down but can do another position. They are willing to take on the newsletter position as Pam will be stepping down. We have not had a vice president all year and Danny and I are moving out of the area so the president
position will also need to be filled.

PEACH is a co-op style support group. That means everyone has to play a part in making it work. We have 70 families, plenty of people to fill these and the coordinator position. It takes everyone working together in some way for PEACH to keep running. The job positions and descriptions are posted on the website, and anyone on the board will gladly answer your questions about them. We ask that you start thinking and praying about what role you can fill in PEACH. We will be accepting nominations and volunteers for board and coordinator positions through
the month of March and into April. Voting will take place at the April Support group meeting.

Danny and Cyndi Rodgers
PEACH Presidents