Bit from the Board – September 2020

Happy Schooling PEACH families,

A new school year is upon us! The past several months have been filled with craziness in the world. So many events cancelled, our favorite spots closed, summer destinations closed or with restrictions. This list can go on and on, these changes are ever evolving and changing. It is hard to keep up some days.

One thing that hasn’t changed for families is school. That time of year is upon us. As you read this, you may be weeks into your school year already. You may be a veteran homeschooler, with a clear plan laid out for your year. You may be a first time homeschooler, trying to get the hang of things. Or you may just be turning to
homeschooling as an option over virtual schooling for this year. This year is sure to look different for many families.

No matter where you are in your journey, there will be days filled with craziness. There will be days that test you and make your wonder if you are making any progress. I assure you that you are making progress and your children (and you) are learning. Just because a worksheet doesn’t get completed, a project isn’t finished, or a chapter isn’t read, doesn’t mean you didn’t get anywhere. The beauty of homeschooling, is that anything can become a lesson. Cooking, a nature walk, or even creative free time become learning
opportunities for young minds. Take a breath, relax, and tackle the big things again the next

If you are a veteran or seasoned homeschooler, I encourage you to reach out to just one new homeschooling family. Share your accomplishments, but also share your struggles.
Our struggles are where we learn the most, and sometimes that is just what the other parent will need to hear. I hope that we can each be an encouragement to a new homeschooling family this year.

On behalf of the PEACH board, we hope you each have a great start to your homeschool year!

Samantha Showalter
PEACH President