Bit from the Board – Summer 2021

Greetings Fellow Homeschooling Families!
It’s here! The end of May is here! Way to go to
each of the PEACH homeschooling families!
Whether this is your first year, your last year, or
you are somewhere in between, you have
reached a milestone. It’s rewarding to see a year
of work and diligence pay off, in many areas.
The PEACH graduation on June 5th will mark the
end of the PEACH year. Congratulations to each
one of the graduates! Thank you to each one of
our members for the part you have had in
supporting other homeschooling families through
this organization.
Special thanks to our outgoing board members
Kim Loveland and Michelle Lotts. Kim did a
fantastic job as the treasurer, for the past 3

years. Michelle Lotts served as vice president this
past year; she did a great job working through
the challenges of this past year. I am thankful for
the continued diligent service of Art and Donna
Salatin, as secretary. Thank you to Pamela Harig,
for stepping up to be the newsletter editor. She
will continue in this roll, until we find someone to
replace her. You are all a great group that I have
been privileged to serve with!

Welcome to the new incoming board members-
Cyndi Rodgers serving as president; Christina

Newton serving as vice-president; Jennifer
Perdew serving as treasurer. Thank you all for
your willingness to serve!
For most, summer is a time to take a sigh of
relief, change up our routine a bit, and fit in more
time for relaxing. I hope you all have a great
start to your summer!
Samantha Showalter
PEACH President