Coordinator Descriptions

PEACH Coordinator Positions and their duties:

Field Trip Coordinator

  1. Receive a list of field trip volunteers from the secretary.
  2. Work with the volunteers to try to get two field trips planned per month. It may be best to assign the volunteers a month for their field trip. Try to plan some for just younger and some for just older kids with the others being a mix.
  3. Refer each field trip leader to these documents on the PEACH website. Here they will find detailed instructions as well as many ideas for field trips.
    Planning a Well-Organized Field Trip
    Planning a Field Trip
  4. Help volunteer leaders choose the best day for their field trip by advising them to avoid other PEACH events.
  5. Ask each leader to give you the information for their field trip so that you may put it in the standard newsletter format (found in previous newsletters), and send to the newsletter editor by the third Thursday of the month or two prior to event. The email address is (Field trips may be announced as far in advance as you like.)
  6. Get feedback from the field trip leader after the field trip. Notify PEACH board of any incidents that caused a problem, and how many turned out for the field trip.
  7. Send a short summary of monthly events to the PEACH president.
    UPDATED March 2022

Mom’s Night Out Coordinator

  1. Select a location or restaurant for each month and try to vary the location around the area. If wanted, you can rotate between dinner, dessert, ice cream or coffee out instead of always a dinner.
  2. Submit the information to the newsletter editor by the third Thursday of the month. It seems to work best if three months at a time are advertised. Plan in advance as best as you can.
  3. Ask for RSVP’s when needed.
  4. Arrive 10-15 minutes early to ensure that tables are ready.
  5. A starting time of 6:30 or 7 seems to work best, evaluate periodically.
  6. Send a short summary of the event to the PEACH president.
    UPDATED March 2022

Recess/Play Date Coordinator

  1. Schedule outdoor play times at local parks within or close to Augusta county. Rotating around various parks is a nice way to accommodate different families and try new parks if possible. Pick a time that is convenient to you, but that does not conflict with other PEACH events.
  2. Submit the information for the play dates to the Newsletter Editor by the third Thursday of the month. Make sure to include a RSVP so that you will know who to contact if cancellation is necessary. Post the information in the PEACH Facebook Group or ask a board member to if you are not on Facebook.
  3. In the winter months, local churches may allow the use of their facility. Or consider other play facilities such as JumpCville or Elkton, Funky’s Skating Rink in Harrisonburg or any others as cold weather options.
  4. You may choose not to meet when weather is bad especially during the winter months. Please post this information in the newsletter if applicable or send email and Facebook announcement if a cancellation.
  5. Send a short summary of the event to the PEACH president.
    UPDATED March 2022

 Teen Coordinator

The purpose of planned PEACH teen activities is to provide an environment where homeschooled teens can develop friendships with other homeschooled teens within the support group. Adequate parental supervision will be at all teen activities and the activities will be adult directed or overseen.

Duties of coordinator(s):

  1. Receive a list of volunteers from the secretary. Assign or ask them to take a month.
  2. In conjunction with the parent volunteer: Select a date, time and activity and secure the location. Let the volunteer take the lead and handle responsibility as much as possible.
  3. Make sure there are chaperons available for the event.  Encourage parents of the teens to be involved.
  4. 4.. Ensure that chaperons are actively engaged and aware of teen behavior and activities at all times. The Chaperon to Teen ratio should be around 1 adult per 8 teens, with a minimum of two adults on premises at all times.
  5. Enforce the code of conduct as established by the PEACH Board.
  6. At each teen event, collect the fee from each participant. The fee is set by the PEACH board. 
  7. Keep the PEACH Board informed of any problems or potential problems which occur at the activity.
  8. Submit notice of teen activities to the newsletter editor by the 3rd Thursday of the month. Keep in mind the date for activity and when the newsletter will be delivered to allow for adequate notice. Posting two months events in advance is recommended. 
  9. Facilitate an atmosphere where teen friendships can occur. The activities are not a place for dating and displays of affection are not acceptable behavior. The Code of Conduct has specific information concerning this.
  10. Maintain the PEACH Teen Facebook Page.
  11. Teen events are open to PEACH members ages 12-19 only, and their overnight guests ages 12-19.
  12. Host families receive two free teen admission fees for the night that they host. Additional host family children will need to pay.
  13. Provide a list of income and expenses for each teen event as well as the cash-on-hand balance at the end of the year. The treasurer will give you a Teen money envelope with $100 for the year as the cash-on-hand. Keep track of all money spent and receipts. Turn them all in at the end of the year. 
  14. Send a short summary of the event to the PEACH president.

UPDATED March 2022

Webmaster (Tracy Smith)

  1. Update the PEACH website ( as needed.
  2. Check the Webmaster email box regularly.
  3. Help maintain the other PEACH email addresses and mailboxes as needed.
  4. Take care of renewing the Domain name and web hosting accounts as needed.
  5. Update the .pdf files of the PEACH membership form, PEACH Library materials, bylaws (if any changes) on the site as needed.
  6. No information which would have members’ phone numbers, addresses, etc. should be posted without their permission. Do not put the PEACH newsletter on the public part of the site, only a link for members to access.

UPDATED March 2022