Bit from the Board – September 2022

“Life Support,” New Life, and Back-to-Basics:

Greetings PEACH families, both old and new! Although summer seems to have come to an end way too quickly, I often look forward to the days of cooler weather in the fall and the changing seasons away from the hot and muggy. I hope that you are well as we are all thinking about the beginning of this school year.

For our first newsletter of the school year, I want to give a warm welcome from your 2022-2023 Board and bring you up-to-date on a few items that the board has been discussing and working on through the summer. PEACH has been a wonderful resource for us homeschooling families for many, many years. At the end of last school year, PEACH was
on life support, without enough member volunteers to sustain a Board – and still is to a degree – as we seek a Vice President. I didn’t realize how serious it was until we met in the spring and a then Board member mentioned there was a meeting scheduled with an attorney to discuss dissolving PEACH.

My wife, Jennifer, and I have been homeschooling over 20 years, and we prayed about whether it was the right time to step up and help keep PEACH alive. Just as homeschool support groups helped us get our start two decades ago, we believe there is still significant value today in supporting our homeschooling brothers and sisters in Christ – whether helping new families to get a good start using our collective stories and experiences, or to provide encouragement for each other regardless where we are on the homeschooling journey. We believe the Bible is clear that we are to actively support one another, so how could we ignore the need?

Fast forward to today, and we have a small but active Board who believes in PEACH and its future. Art and Donna Salatin were at their maximum years serving as Secretaries, so they transitioned to Newsletter Editor. Jennifer Perdew agreed to continue serving as Treasurer. Marcy Bridges stepped up to become the new Secretary. With that, PEACH now has three of four required Board positions filled, and can still function.

At the Back-To-School Picnic (September 10th), we would like to spend time reconnecting and give a brief update on PEACH for the 2022-2023 school year – including information about this school year’s meeting schedule and activities. I hope you can come! Please RSVP at so we can have enough supplies.
We also want to hear from you – what is the most valuable part of PEACH for your family?

Given the lack of volunteers the past few years, we must scale back activities and really look hard at our priorities to remain viable. That’s why we want to continue to hear from you at the picnic, and via the PEACH website. As we met this summer to plan for the coming year, we looked at what would provide the most balance in terms of support, activities, and available volunteers. In this newsletter you will find a proposed meeting and activity schedule for the year, which will look quite different from previous years as a result of that
balance. At the picnic, we’ll talk a little more about the schedule and things the Board plans to work on this year.

As we get the books out, the pencils sharpened and settle into the fall routine, our prayer for you is you will find His joy in the journey, His strength each day, and His wisdom and grace as you provide one of the most important foundations you can provide for your children – a Christian education in your home.

Tracy Smith
PEACH President

Bit from the Board – March 2022

Hello PEACH Families!
Welcome to spring-hopefully! The daffodils are coming up and the skunks are out: whether we get another cold snap or not, there are signs that changes are coming. It says in Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 For everything there is a season…I’ll let you read or sing the rest. We have a lot of change going on in the world right now. Some seems good and some really bad. And as expected, Change in our homes. Each season of life requires change.

Change is a constant. That seems an illogical comment at first glance. But, if change is not a constant in your lie, then you are stagnating or going backwards. John Maxwell said “change is inevitable, growth is optional. Change and growth can be hard. A lot depends on your perspective and outlook. The good news is God does not change, He is the same today as He was yesterday and will be tomorrow. So when change comes, make your outlook an uplook!

PEACH has change coming too. It is time to start preparing for next year’s board. The PEACH board is going to need a new president vice president, secretary, and newsletter editor. Jen Perdew is willing to stay on as Treasurer. Donna and Art Salatin have fulfilled their three-year term as secretary. Peach policy says they must step down but can do another position. They are willing to take on the newsletter position as Pam will be stepping down. We have not had a vice president all year and Danny and I are moving out of the area so the president
position will also need to be filled.

PEACH is a co-op style support group. That means everyone has to play a part in making it work. We have 70 families, plenty of people to fill these and the coordinator position. It takes everyone working together in some way for PEACH to keep running. The job positions and descriptions are posted on the website, and anyone on the board will gladly answer your questions about them. We ask that you start thinking and praying about what role you can fill in PEACH. We will be accepting nominations and volunteers for board and coordinator positions through
the month of March and into April. Voting will take place at the April Support group meeting.

Danny and Cyndi Rodgers
PEACH Presidents

Bit from the Board – February 2022

Hello PEACH Families!

My name is Pamela Harig, and this is my second year as PEACH Newsletter Editor. My husband and I along with three of our six children live together in the beautiful countryside of the Shenandoah Valley. Like everyone else, we have been seeing lots of snow and extreme cold temperatures during January. With snow still lingering on the ground at our home, reminds me of winter days during my own childhood. How I long for the warmer days of spring ahead. I hope everyone is staying warm and healthy during these cold
winter days. It’s hard to believe the holidays are behind us and we are moving into the 2nd month of 2022. It has left me asking the question, Where does time go?

Reminiscing on our family’s homeschool journey which began nine years ago, has me
wondering the same thing. Time does not stand still for sure, but the wonderful moments and memories we have been able to create through our homeschool journey will impact our children throughout their lives. Investing and providing the greatest education to them has been the utmost important thing to me, and is what led our family into the homeschool journey and community.

We joined PEACH about 6 years ago, and what a blessing it has been to our family. Initially, I sat back and participated in PEACH, as a member, attending events, and/or helping chaperone a teen event. Then, two years ago a former board member contacted me, requesting I allow a nomination in my name to run as the PEACH Newsletter Editor. At first, I planned to decline. Then quickly, God spoke and I knew I must be obedient. I am thankful I said yes to serving in this capacity. It has been such a blessing to me, far beyond what I can put into words. As this PEACH year comes to a close in just a few months, so will my time
as newsletter editor. It is time for someone else to step up into this position. As the current board looks forward to next year, there will be many opportunities and positions to fill. I encourage you to prayerfully consider now, the possibility in serving in one of these roles. It takes many people to keep PEACH going strong, but the value PEACH has on the families and community in which we serve are by far worth the time we give.

Many Blessings,
Pamela Harig
PEACH Newsletter Editor

Bit from the Board – November 2021

Happy November PEACH families!

Greetings to you from your new PEACH treasurer,
Jennifer Perdew. I will take a moment to tell you
a bit about myself and my family. I’ve been
married to my husband, Brad, for 23 years,
which also happens to be the length of time we
have lived right here in the Shenandoah Valley.
We have six children, half of whom are young
adults already! Having always homeschooled,
we’ve been members of PEACH for the last 15
years. Now we are down to exactly half of our
peak enrollment with only three studying from
home this school year, a senior, a junior, and an
8th grader. Honestly, I was a bit reluctant to even
think about homeschooling when my now college
sophomore was a mere 4 years old, but am I
ever glad God initially dragged me down this path
which has become an amazing and enriching
educational journey.

Temperatures are dropping just like the leaves.
Soon we will change the clocks back and the days
will become shorter. It’s a great time to grab a
sweater and some hot cocoa while we sit by the
fire with our family and focus on being thankful.

As we approach Thanksgiving at the end of the
month, it is an excellent time to remember to
count our blessings. We would do well to also
remember where our blessings come from. As
James 1:17 says, “Every good thing given and
every perfect gift is from above, coming down
from the Father of lights…”. Since all good things
come from God, we need to take time to thank
and praise Him! Despite our circumstances and
the crazy twists and turns we experience in our
increasingly challenging world; we know that
Jehovah Jireh will continue to provide. Paul
encourages us in Philippians 4:19 “And my God
will supply every need of yours according to his
riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” And it is that
Providential provision for which we are
abundantly grateful!

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!
Jennifer Perdew
PEACH Treasurer

Bit from the Board – October 2021

Hello PEACH Families!
The calendar says it’s officially fall and the
weather is cooperating with that-some days.
Either way we get to enjoy pumpkin spice
everything and roll our eyes at all the Christmas
displays going up in stores. By now, hopefully,
you’re into the rhythm of school and coops, fall
sports and extracurricular activities. But I hope
you make enough time for rest and quiet in your
family’s life. Elizabeth Elliot said “The devil has
made it his business to monopolize on three
elements: Noise, hurry, crowds. He will not allow
quietness.” Matthew 11:28-30 says “Come to Me,
all you labor and are heavy laden, and I will give
you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from
Me, for I am [a]gentle and lowly in heart, and

you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is
easy and My burden is light.” Which of these
quotes most resembles your life? Are you too
busy, is there too much hurry, are your days
crowed with stuff to do? Or are you at rest and
feel like your burden is light and load is easy?
I charge you to ask yourself in this changing of
the seasons which of these most resembles your
life and which one do you want it to resemble?
And for those of you who know me well, I realize
how hypocritical this must seem for me to be
writing. But like Paul, I too am the greatest of
sinners and am preaching to myself. So, join me
as we listen to the spirit and take on His yoke. I
bet pumpkin spice tastes even better in the quiet.
Cyndi Rodgers,
PEACH Co-President

Bit from the Board – September 2021

Welcome to the new school year and to PEACH
2021-2022. It is time to get back to normal and
to figure out what that new normal is. With all
that is currently happening and has happened
over the past year and a half, the world and life
as we know will never be the same.
Fortunately, the God of all grace… will restore,
confirm, strengthen, and establish us. (1 Peter
5:10) So We can start out this new year in grace
and faith, confident that the Lord is with us.
The new PEACH Board is excited to get things
going and will introduce themselves in future
We are Danny and Cyndi Rodgers, your PEACH
Presidents. We have six kids, 14-22, four boys
and two girls. We have always homeschooled, the
oldest two have graduated and the youngest four
are still at it. Cyndi also graduated from
homeschool back in the “illegal/pioneer” days.
We have lots planned for the year and are
working to get things in place. Field trip, play
dates, teen events, parties, and of course
support group meetings as well as getting our
digital community more active. Look for more
info on everything in the FB group, on the
website/calendar and in your monthly newsletter.
I encourage you to get your membership form in
if you haven’t already. We are giving everyone
until the end of September before we update our
We are still in need of some help, especially a
PEACH Vice President and a Newsletter Editor as
well as some coordinator positions. Please
contact the board if you or someone you know
are interested. We are an all-volunteer group and
it takes everyone being involved for it all to
happen. It’s work, but it’s a blessing to those on
the giving and receiving end. We look forward to
helping PEACH find it’s new normal and hopefully
a lot of the old normal. Please contact us for any
help, suggestions, or questions you have.
Danny and Cyndi Rodgers,
PEACH Co-Presidents

Bit from the Board – July 2021

Welcome to PEACH. We have an almost entirely new board coming on right now, and
we would like to say hello and welcome to all the new and ongoing members, as well as those just checking things out. Like parenting, homeschooling is a part of life that brings far more trials and blessings then we ever thought it would.

We are in the midst of summer 2021, and things are heating up. The temperatures are
soaring, but so are things in the educational and political realms. Opinions on both sides can get heated. Add in trying to find our new normal after (and still somewhat with) COVID-19
restrictions, and things seem chaotic and out of whack. It’s a good time to remember that God is still on the throne and still in control.

2020 was an odd yet banner year for homeschooling. More families home-schooled
last year then ever before, even though most were forced due to COVID restrictions. I’m not
going to go into a debate of whether it was “real” homeschooling or not. It’s not a debate that would cause unity and that is what’s needed now – Unity. Our children are under attack by indoctrination that we don’t have a say in, our freedoms are being removed, and future
generations are going to grow up in a very debased world if we don’t do something. There are many ways to do something – get involved, vote, speak up, show up, support those that do, don’t be complacent and don’t think it won’t affect you – it will. My father used to quote the old adage “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything” and I think that is true still today. Homeschooling is one of the ways many of us have been “taking a stand.”

PEACH is a support group and we are here to uphold each other. Whether you are a
newbie or a seasoned pro, whether you participate in one event or you attend everything, we are all in this together, and we all have the same goal in mind. So let’s remember what our PEACH statement of purpose says “In God’s Word we are commanded to “provoke one another to love and good works” (Hebrews 10:24) and to “train up a child according to God’s Word” (Proverbs 22:6).”

Danny & Cyndi Rodgers
PEACH Co-presidents

Bit from the Board – Summer 2021

Greetings Fellow Homeschooling Families!
It’s here! The end of May is here! Way to go to
each of the PEACH homeschooling families!
Whether this is your first year, your last year, or
you are somewhere in between, you have
reached a milestone. It’s rewarding to see a year
of work and diligence pay off, in many areas.
The PEACH graduation on June 5th will mark the
end of the PEACH year. Congratulations to each
one of the graduates! Thank you to each one of
our members for the part you have had in
supporting other homeschooling families through
this organization.
Special thanks to our outgoing board members
Kim Loveland and Michelle Lotts. Kim did a
fantastic job as the treasurer, for the past 3

years. Michelle Lotts served as vice president this
past year; she did a great job working through
the challenges of this past year. I am thankful for
the continued diligent service of Art and Donna
Salatin, as secretary. Thank you to Pamela Harig,
for stepping up to be the newsletter editor. She
will continue in this roll, until we find someone to
replace her. You are all a great group that I have
been privileged to serve with!

Welcome to the new incoming board members-
Cyndi Rodgers serving as president; Christina

Newton serving as vice-president; Jennifer
Perdew serving as treasurer. Thank you all for
your willingness to serve!
For most, summer is a time to take a sigh of
relief, change up our routine a bit, and fit in more
time for relaxing. I hope you all have a great
start to your summer!
Samantha Showalter
PEACH President

Bit from the Board – October 2020

Happy Fall PEACH families,

Fall is definitely in the air this year. Most years it seems we jump from summer to winter, with little fall weather. As much as I love summer, I love the many activities that fall has to offer.

There are many local pumpkin patches, corn mazes, and orchards to visit. Once the leaves start to change, a picnic lunch on the parkway will not disappoint. PEACH will also being hosting some field trips. I encourage you to participate, meet some new families, catch up with some familiar families, and enjoy some of our local educational spots.

PEACH will also begin hosting our monthly support group meetings again in October. Our
support group meetings are somewhat of an underutilized informational resource. As a well-seasoned homeschooler, I have never left a meeting without a new tidbit of information. I am personally inviting each of you to the upcoming meeting. Feel free to bring a homeschooling friend, PEACH support group meetings are open to all homeschooling families. Please spread the word!

The October meeting will begin with a short business meeting, which has been delayed since spring. This will allow us to vote in a couple of new board members, as well as officially wrap of this past school year. After the business meeting we will proceed with the support group meeting. There will be in informal Q & A session, with some veteran homeschoolers. Feel free to ask about curriculum options, scheduling, homeschooling with little ones, etc. If you don’t have any questions, please come share some of your favorite homeschooling tips. As this year of PEACH gets started, if there is some way that PEACH can better serve you and your family, please feel free to contact me at

The PEACH board welcomes any ideas that will help to serve our membership better.
Samantha Showalter
PEACH President

Bit from the Board – September 2020

Happy Schooling PEACH families,

A new school year is upon us! The past several months have been filled with craziness in the world. So many events cancelled, our favorite spots closed, summer destinations closed or with restrictions. This list can go on and on, these changes are ever evolving and changing. It is hard to keep up some days.

One thing that hasn’t changed for families is school. That time of year is upon us. As you read this, you may be weeks into your school year already. You may be a veteran homeschooler, with a clear plan laid out for your year. You may be a first time homeschooler, trying to get the hang of things. Or you may just be turning to
homeschooling as an option over virtual schooling for this year. This year is sure to look different for many families.

No matter where you are in your journey, there will be days filled with craziness. There will be days that test you and make your wonder if you are making any progress. I assure you that you are making progress and your children (and you) are learning. Just because a worksheet doesn’t get completed, a project isn’t finished, or a chapter isn’t read, doesn’t mean you didn’t get anywhere. The beauty of homeschooling, is that anything can become a lesson. Cooking, a nature walk, or even creative free time become learning
opportunities for young minds. Take a breath, relax, and tackle the big things again the next

If you are a veteran or seasoned homeschooler, I encourage you to reach out to just one new homeschooling family. Share your accomplishments, but also share your struggles.
Our struggles are where we learn the most, and sometimes that is just what the other parent will need to hear. I hope that we can each be an encouragement to a new homeschooling family this year.

On behalf of the PEACH board, we hope you each have a great start to your homeschool year!

Samantha Showalter
PEACH President