Bit from the Board- March 2019

Dear PEACH families,

Nothing makes us happier, as we serve on the PEACH board, than to see PEACH thriving the way it has this year. We love it– because we love all of you, and our heart’s desire is to see your homeschooling journey be all that it can be, for the benefit of your family, and for the glory of God.

We are quickly approaching the time of year when a change of leadership is again on the horizon. Can I just share my heart with you at this time? I am sad that God is moving me away from serving on the board (I have truly enjoyed it), but I firmly believe that He has others to step in and take PEACH into the next chapter. Please pray about serving. I will be happy to get together with anyone who is interested, answer any questions you may have, and help with the transition in any way that I can.

I know many of you homeschool moms are great organizers, planners, and humble servants. We are looking forward to seeing who and what God has in store for this next year!

PEACH is like a family in many ways. We are here for one another, and we are rooting for each other. We share our tears and we share our joys along the way. So THANK YOU for the part you are having, and for being a part of the vibrant testimony of homeschooling in this community.

“Twenty years ago, I wanted to change the world. Now, I just want to make it to the end having been faithful to Jesus, my family, and whatever God has for me. 

And actually, that’s how the world changes.”

Blessings to you!
Jennifer Hall
PEACH Co-President

Bit from the Board- February 2019

Dear Fellow Homeschoolers,

Teaching long vowel sounds while mopping the kitchen floor? In at least one place in the world, those two unlikely candidates pair quite nicely: the homeschool.

I was finishing up a few things after our morning family chore time. I was a little late getting over to the school area where the older ones were (supposed to be) already getting started. The floor had been prepped and the mop bucket sat filled and waiting, but the floor had not yet been mopped. My daughter impatiently waited in the kitchen doorway for me to get her started on her kindergarten work for the day.

I thought, “Today she is supposed to begin learning long vowel sounds.” Then, I thought, “She’s here, and I’m here, so let’s just go ahead!” So, I mopped, and we talked. We talked all about vowels and the short sounds she had been working on for the past few months, and then we began to discuss long vowel sounds and what that meant. The mop water swished as my daughter jumped for joy at the excitement of this new concept. “I LOVE long vowels!” she said.

As the freshly cleaned floor began to dry, we transitioned to our school area, where we began to look at some words and flash cards with long vowels. Thankfully, the 2nd and 4th grader had actually managed to get some schoolwork done in our absence.

This simple little story serves to remind us of two basic but profound keys in homeschooling; keys that unlock the door of practically endless possibilities.

1- You are there. 2- They are there.

We need to take more time to just stop for a minute and enjoy the togetherness of homeschooling. So much can be shared in the togetherness— the good feeling of a shiny clean floor, the wonder of a new concept, the aroma of the soup bubbling on the stove, the struggle to learn something challenging, the pride of accomplishment, the journey into a good book, the chores, the ups and downs of regular, everyday life.

One day when they spread their wings and fly, the memories of those days of togetherness will sustain you. In some ways, those memories will sustain them, too.

As always, PEACH is here to help support homeschooling families in the important calling of home education. Hope to see you at an upcoming event in February!

Jennifer Hall
PEACH Co-President

Bit from the Board- September 2018

Dear PEACH Families,

Get ready, get set, go! By the time you read this, most will have embarked on another school year. PEACH is getting ready for another beneficial year of supporting our local homeschool families; glad to have you on board!

At our PEACH board meeting in August, I shared a short devotion with the ladies, before we began to discuss the business at hand. The Lord had brought 1 Kings 18 to my mind, where the prophets of Baal and Elijah both try to call fire down from heaven to consume their sacrifices. The prophets of Baal worked hard all day and went to tremendous effort, but in spite of all their effort, no fire fell. They were calling on false gods. Elijah also put forth quite a bit of effort in preparing his sacrifice. He labored. But then comes the difference— he called upon the name of the living God. Fire fell immediately, and God’s name was greatly glorified that day.

As we labor and work diligently to begin another year of homeschooling, we need to remember where the fire really comes from. No matter how organized our school rooms or how orderly our days; no matter how excellent our curriculum or how creative our lesson plans; no matter how careful our planning or how well-educated our children… if we don’t call upon the true and living God to bless our efforts with His favor, we are missing the mark. The desperately-needed fire of His blessing will not fall.

Let’s call upon Him as we begin, and truly call upon Him every day of every week for the school year that lies ahead. Our efforts alone are not nearly enough to accomplish this great task. Only in God’s strength and power can we truly succeed. As Elijah prayed, “let it be known this day that thou art God in Israel, and I am thy servant, and that I have done all these things at thy word. Hear me, O LORD, hear me, that this people may know that thou art the LORD God,…”

On behalf of the entire board, as well as our awesome PEACH coordinators, let me say that we are looking forward to getting to know more of you in the coming year! Here’s to a great year ahead as we diligently work each day to educate and train our precious children.

Jennifer Hall
PEACH Co-President

Bit from the Board- August 2017

Dear PEACH Families,

The start of another school year— exciting and challenging!

PEACH is off to a great start. Many new families have come our way. The PEACH email has been busy with inquiries from people who are new to homeschooling or new to our area. Let’s all reach out in whatever ways we can, through this organization, to both give encouragement and gain it for ourselves where needed. As you browse the PEACH newsletter, you will find various events planned where you have an opportunity to get involved.

As home educators, we are privileged and blessed beyond measure to be able to shape the lives and world views of our children on a day-to-day, minute-by-minute basis. What kind of future citizens does our country need? What bold calling does God have for each child now under our care? Thank God for the chance we have each day, in the homeschool, to mold the lives of our children and young people. So often in life, influence is spelled T-I-M-E. Stay strong and press toward the mark in this high calling! Be assured, when the going gets tough, that God sees each sacrifice you are making. Let’s trust Him for a great harvest!

The Board is always here to help in any way we can. Best wishes for this next chapter of your homeschool journey!

Steve and Jennifer Hall

PEACH Co-Presidents

Bit from the Board- Summer 2017

Greetings Fellow Homeschooling Families!

Here we are at the end of another school year. Congratulations to each of the 96 PEACH families on having reached this milestone on your homeschooling journey! No matter what your family’s homeschool year may look like, almost everyone looks forward to a change of routine during the summer months. It’s a time to soak up some sunshine with your family and seek God’s wisdom for the school year ahead. He always answers when we ask. He cares about everything from the smallest frustrations to the biggest challenges.

The PEACH graduation marks the end of the PEACH year. What a good year PEACH has had! Thanks to each one for the part you have had in supporting other homeschooling families through this organization. Special thanks to the outgoing board members. Dale and Naomi Huff have wisely and prayerfully served as president this past year. We are so grateful for their leadership, and they will be greatly missed. Lisa Olshove has done a terrific job as secretary, and as she leaves the board, she moves right into another area of service on the PEACH graduation committee for the coming year. We welcome the incoming board members— Dwayne and Jeanette George serving as vice president; Stacy and Ann Coggins serving as secretary. We are also very thankful for the continued service of Samantha Showalter as newsletter editor and Barbara Senger as treasurer; both have done a great job in these roles this past year.

We are very excited to announce the launching of the all-new PEACH website! Special thanks to PEACH dad, Tracy Smith, who has done a terrific job getting this brand new site up and running.

Please note that beginning in September the PEACH Newsletter will only be available in electronic format. (If you do not receive email, please note this in the designated spot on the new Membership Form to have a hard copy specially mailed to you.) Keep an eye on your email each month for the Newsletter!

A new homeschool year now lies on the distant horizon for each of us. Many opportunities will be coming our way to encourage and strengthen each other along the homeschool journey! As we reach out when we are able, we will find ourselves making friendships to last a lifetime, multiplying our joys (homeschool victories!) and dividing our sorrows (homeschool days that make you want to say “I Quit!”).

Come along and share the journey! Everything (including homeschooling) is better when shared with supportive friends.

Let’s treasure the moments this summer, as our children grow each day, and each day brings us closer to the conclusion of the homeschool journey. God Bless!

Steve and Jennifer Hall

PEACH President