Bit from the Board – September 2021

Welcome to the new school year and to PEACH
2021-2022. It is time to get back to normal and
to figure out what that new normal is. With all
that is currently happening and has happened
over the past year and a half, the world and life
as we know will never be the same.
Fortunately, the God of all grace… will restore,
confirm, strengthen, and establish us. (1 Peter
5:10) So We can start out this new year in grace
and faith, confident that the Lord is with us.
The new PEACH Board is excited to get things
going and will introduce themselves in future
We are Danny and Cyndi Rodgers, your PEACH
Presidents. We have six kids, 14-22, four boys
and two girls. We have always homeschooled, the
oldest two have graduated and the youngest four
are still at it. Cyndi also graduated from
homeschool back in the “illegal/pioneer” days.
We have lots planned for the year and are
working to get things in place. Field trip, play
dates, teen events, parties, and of course
support group meetings as well as getting our
digital community more active. Look for more
info on everything in the FB group, on the
website/calendar and in your monthly newsletter.
I encourage you to get your membership form in
if you haven’t already. We are giving everyone
until the end of September before we update our
We are still in need of some help, especially a
PEACH Vice President and a Newsletter Editor as
well as some coordinator positions. Please
contact the board if you or someone you know
are interested. We are an all-volunteer group and
it takes everyone being involved for it all to
happen. It’s work, but it’s a blessing to those on
the giving and receiving end. We look forward to
helping PEACH find it’s new normal and hopefully
a lot of the old normal. Please contact us for any
help, suggestions, or questions you have.
Danny and Cyndi Rodgers,
PEACH Co-Presidents