Bit from the Board- Summer 2017

Greetings Fellow Homeschooling Families!

Here we are at the end of another school year. Congratulations to each of the 96 PEACH families on having reached this milestone on your homeschooling journey! No matter what your family’s homeschool year may look like, almost everyone looks forward to a change of routine during the summer months. It’s a time to soak up some sunshine with your family and seek God’s wisdom for the school year ahead. He always answers when we ask. He cares about everything from the smallest frustrations to the biggest challenges.

The PEACH graduation marks the end of the PEACH year. What a good year PEACH has had! Thanks to each one for the part you have had in supporting other homeschooling families through this organization. Special thanks to the outgoing board members. Dale and Naomi Huff have wisely and prayerfully served as president this past year. We are so grateful for their leadership, and they will be greatly missed. Lisa Olshove has done a terrific job as secretary, and as she leaves the board, she moves right into another area of service on the PEACH graduation committee for the coming year. We welcome the incoming board members— Dwayne and Jeanette George serving as vice president; Stacy and Ann Coggins serving as secretary. We are also very thankful for the continued service of Samantha Showalter as newsletter editor and Barbara Senger as treasurer; both have done a great job in these roles this past year.

We are very excited to announce the launching of the all-new PEACH website! Special thanks to PEACH dad, Tracy Smith, who has done a terrific job getting this brand new site up and running.

Please note that beginning in September the PEACH Newsletter will only be available in electronic format. (If you do not receive email, please note this in the designated spot on the new Membership Form to have a hard copy specially mailed to you.) Keep an eye on your email each month for the Newsletter!

A new homeschool year now lies on the distant horizon for each of us. Many opportunities will be coming our way to encourage and strengthen each other along the homeschool journey! As we reach out when we are able, we will find ourselves making friendships to last a lifetime, multiplying our joys (homeschool victories!) and dividing our sorrows (homeschool days that make you want to say “I Quit!”).

Come along and share the journey! Everything (including homeschooling) is better when shared with supportive friends.

Let’s treasure the moments this summer, as our children grow each day, and each day brings us closer to the conclusion of the homeschool journey. God Bless!

Steve and Jennifer Hall

PEACH President

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